Smoked Beef Short Ribs

This recipe is brainlessly easy. Beef shortribs are simply packed with beefy fatty flavor so don’t go messing with it by injecting it or putting on 20 secret herbs and spices.

Step 1: Hit up your cooker to a good 250 – 300 range. I was coasting on 270 for most of the cook.

Step 2: Hit your ribs with ALOT of salt, like enough to make the Morton salt girl blush. Then hit it with as much black pepper as you can stand. You want large grained black pepper.

Step 3: Halfway through draw a pig on the sidewalk with your kid and toss on a chicken. This is CRITICAL!! I’m serious. If you don’t draw the pig the recipe will not work. You’ve been warned.

Step 4: Cook until your you can stick a skewer in her butter-like and wrap in butcher paper. Cook for another hour to hour and half and stick it in a cooling chest. I had dinner 3 hours later and it was still hot enough to burn your fingers. I glazed it with a mustard sauce before serving.


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