Lazy n’ Fast BBQ Ribs

On one of Bobby Flay’s episodes of Throwdown, he challenged the Pitmaster Ed Mitchell to a rib cook off. Now not to say there good ribs in North Carolina don’t exist, they just aren’t popular in the state. In the episode hot  n’ fast ribs were mentioned.

Now I’m a big of a fan of perfect art form low n’ slow BBQ as the next guy. But sometimes I just want to run errands, take a nap, and still eat ribs. These are not perfect ribs. They won’t win you any championships and some BBQ purist might raise a fussy at you. But they’re mighty tasty and require basically no work.

You will be doing this in your simple kettle grill. Pick your favorite.

Step 1 – Buy some St Louis style Spareribs and remove the membrane. You could just buy some spares and trim your own but this is supposed to be a lazy recipe.

Step 2 – Salt your ribs and toss on my Brunswick County Rub back & forth.

Step 3 – Light your charcoal chimney 3/4 of the way  full of coal. Dump it into one side of the grill.

Step 4 – Arrange 2 racks into a V on the grill or you could just cut them in half.Toss 2 chucks of hickory onto the coals and put on the lid. Shut the vents so that you have a very small gap of space – This is called “banking” your fire.

Step 5 – Go do something else for 4 hours. Don’t fussy at it, baste it, hose it down with apple juice like some competition BBQ wannabe. Come back and prepare to eat. Mop with       whatever sauce you fancy.


One thought on “Lazy n’ Fast BBQ Ribs

  1. Love it!! I actually use a ton more granulated garlic but I really like all the cayenne you add. I will try your variation next time I bbq

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