My favorite reactions are not even reactions to my food. It’s the reaction people give me when they see my pits. The question is usually less what are they and more along the “what are they doing in New York?” See photos below.

Pit #1 is named the Rootie Tootie. There’s actually two pits on that trailer with a combined cooking capacity of 1,000 lbs of meat. Yes you read that correctly. I’m a hog cooker. And I can smoke 2 full sized pigs on those things and still be able to clear out enough chicken to feed a church. The two smokers on the trailer are named “Rooter” and “Tooter” – whole hog get it? It has a huge fold out awnings and a pull out platform. During the summer, a portable beer keg is attached to Rootie Tootie.

Pit #2 is a traditional North Carolina whole hog cooker. It’s greatest benefit is the flipping function on the side which allows me to easily flip a hog skin side down to make it nice and crispy!

20130518_090453 20130518_104651


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