Thanks to the fantastic crew at Alewife’s for the shout out!!

Voted Best Beer Bar in New York City 2013



Hello, my friends!

Chef Gregorio here. Aside from being talented and immensely handsome, I also have a fondness for lists. I blame my good friend Mark Athridge for this habit (and he gets it from his love of John Cusak).

Anyhoo… in no particular order… I want to share with you the TOP 10 THINGS that Executive Chef Travis and I learned before, during, and after #aPORKalypse

#1 – 100 lbs of dead weight is heavy


Out of the 10 beautiful pigs used for aPORKalypse, Chef Travis and I were given the honor of working with three of them. And let me tell you, lugging these bad boys down into our prep kitchen was QUITE the workout. If anything, we definitely got a work out in!

#2 – Butchering your own pig for the first time is educational and traumatic.

We’ve cooked many parts of the pig in our…

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