News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

BBQ JEW alerts us to the President of the United States’ fondness for North Carolina BBQ. This isn’t a political rally stop, he’s getting some grub to go!

Lots of BBQ Sauce and Rub reviews this week!

BBQ Pit Boys shares their video recipe for Fish fillets with lobster and brandy stuffing. Oh yeah…

Texas BBQ Posse bumps into fellow Texan BBQ blogger Daniel Vaughn, who has an upcoming book coming soon, at Snow’s BBQ. “I’m never surprised to run into Daniel at a restaurant, because if I see him, I know I’m in for some good barbecue.”

Patrons of the Pit shares a BBQ Chicken Recipe so good it’ll actually keep Elvis in the building. I have always found BBQ chicken to be as hot and sexy as a pimpled Tuba player. But this actually got me back into thinking what we could do to make a better BBQ chicken.

Marie let’s Eat visits Jack’s Barbecue in Kingsland, GA. In addition to to enjoying the wood cooked BBQ and honey glaze they discover Jack’s an exemplary boss and human being. “Sutton has one of those staffs who really like talking about him with a smile and a twinkle in their eye while he’s away….. The two ladies working this afternoon, instead, told me it was a shame that I missed him because he’s such a character. They love working for the old guy, who has been happily married for something like fifty years and keeps everyone guessing by changing his mind constantly about what he wants to do.”

DivaQ the Canadian Queen of BBQ shares with us a fitting Canadian dessert to finish off our smoked dinner – Crown Royal Maple Whiskey & Sweet Potato Pie.

Zen BBQ features pitmaster Trent Brooks of Brooks’ Place BBQ – a roadside trailer BBQ in Cypress Texas.

Bon Appetit lists Franklin BBQ in Austin Texas as a critical member of it’s top 20 most important restaurants in America.



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