The RETURN of the McRib

It is Dec 17th here in New York City and it’s a special day. Today is the day that the elusive McRib sandwich returns and I’m having it for lunch.

You can read Business Insider’s 11 Amazing Facts About The McRib

We all know its cheesy but I love seasonalities of commercial foods. Among my top favorites for the season

#1 The Starbuck’s X-Mas Blend 

#2 The Arturo Fuente “Anejo” Cigar 

#3 Advent Chocolate Calendar 

#4 Xmas Coca-Cola – I know it’s the same  blend, but there’s Santa and thirsty polar bears and penguins on them. It’s all in my mind but I’m confident it tastes better.

#5 Sam Adams White Xmas Beer.  


2 thoughts on “The RETURN of the McRib

  1. I know of this creation. Even considered trying one once, for a few seconds. Just something about meat shaped to look like something else scares me away. However, I have to admit there is something worse, which I witnessed in Maine once: The McLobster Sandwich. The only thing scarier to me than the McRib. We can all thank the marketing people that the McLobster is a regional item contained to Maine…

  2. It doesn’t bother me. In the end it’s really not that bad of a sandwich. I’m sure you’d like it too. What’s pretty funny are the “molecular gastronomics” who are charging people a boat load of money to play with their food using techniques and chemicals that commercial kitchens have discovered decades ago. Even primitive reshapings of ground meat isn’t natural. Meat isn’t shaped like tubes yet most of us have no issue with sausages.

    That being said, I’d probably pass on the McLobster 🙂

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