Gods of Whole Hog BBQ – Jackie Hite

Jackie Hite lives the dream that everyone wants to live. He pursued his passion for politics, he made a living out of something he loves to do, and he gets to spend his free time teaching kids in the community how to fish. He seems to have had several workers before so there’s deep hope that future entrepreneurs will open up their own places cooking Jackie Hite style whole hog.

Style – Hite’s BBQ cooks on open pits. Wood is burned down to embers and shoveled around not underneath the meat. Having the embers around the meat minimizes the risk of burning the meat and flare ups. The whole hog is cut into six sections for easier handling – flipping pieces instead of the entire animal all at once. He heavily salts the skin and blisters it at the end producing what some argue is South Carolina’s best crackling. The open pit is covered with cardboard to keep the heat in. There are no thermometers, Hite’s philosophy is just as long as it’s smoking, it’s cooking. He fires his pits once every 25 minutes year round and once every 30 minutes in the summer.

Fuel – Hickory wood and lots of it. Judging from the massive amount of farmland in the area, there’s plenty of wood for him to burn.

Sauce – We are comfortably in the mustard belt here. Mustard not only meets the BBQ, it also shows up in the hash as well.


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