News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

Darryl Mast interviews the QUEEN of competition whole hog Melissa Cookston at this year’s Jack Daniel’s Championship.

No Excuses BBQ celebrates “Porktober” by cooking a whole stuffed pork loin on the grill. I have to honest, I’m not that big of a fan of pork loins but this one looks AMAZING. Just drooling looking at it.

Grilling With Rich gives us his tips on competition chicken. Any serious competitor will tell you that chicken is the bane of the BBQ circuit.

Big Wayne’s BBQ walks us through this years Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters.

BBQ Blog is thinking about getting a new RV. One thing never really noticed by the public is that BBQ people take pride in their rigs but they really love their RVs. Jacuzzis, TV, warm bed – what’s not to love?

Obsessive Compulsive BBQ walks gives us some butcher paper best practices. Many of the best pitmasters in Texas use butcher paper to wrap their BBQ during the final phase of cooking. You NEED to read this.


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